The webinar highlighted the contemporary issues and political economy of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

  • 27 Nov, 2023

A virtual seminar on the topic 'Contemporary Issues and Political Economy of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor' was recently organized by the CPEC Study Centre at the University of Gwadar. Distinguished speakers at the event included Prof. Dr. Syed Manzoor Ahmed, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Gwadar, Dr. Rashid Ahmed, Assistant Professor at the Department of International Relations at National Defense University, Islamabad, Dr. Khalid Khan, Senior Policy Researcher at the Balochistan Civil Services, and an Associate Professor at LUAWMS, and Prof. Dr. Jan Muhammad, Dean of the Faculty of MS, Commerce, and Social Sciences at the University of Gwadar. The event was moderated by Dr. Kambar Farooq, Director of QEC, and Controller of Examinations at the University of Gwadar.


The esteemed speakers delved into various dimensions of CPEC, providing detailed insights into its impact on regional and economic dynamics, the political environment, and various socio-economic factors. Topics of discussion included the role of CPEC in addressing regional disparities and fostering national cohesion, its contribution to economic inclusivity, the political dimensions of CPEC, economic inclusivity in Pakistan, regional disparities in the country, the origins of CPEC, internal and external threats to CPEC, and various other significant aspects.

Prof. Manzoor Ahmed formally concluded the event, expressing gratitude to all the speakers and participants. He underscored the importance of continuing discussions on issues relevant to contemporary policy discourse and pledged that the CPEC center at the University of Gwadar will consistently organize such events in the future.

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